City of Boise

Council meeting

Summary Minutes ● April 14, 2021

Special Event Team



              Virtual Meeting              Draft              9:30 AM

150 N Capitol Blvd
Boise, ID  83702


I.              Call to Order


PRESENT:              Frank, Heinzerling, Ferney, Altieri, Graves, Lile, Anderson, McDannel, Paramedics, Tappert, Safety, Holford, Hill, Kirkland, Weeg, Dethman, Konvalinka, Murphy

ABSENT:              Mjelde, Wasson, Humlen-Ahearn, Personal, Tim

II.              Special Event

1.              2021 Bogus Marathon

Presenter: David Wylie

ACHD-Kelli mentioned will work with police on TCP, neighborhood notification, and emergency management

Parking-final TCP and neighborhood notification plan

Republic Svs-confirmed waste is mainly water cups, energy packets, food wrappers, recommended smaller dumpster and need placement in park

PW-clarified they are providing their own containers, recyclable items listed are actual trash, may not need recyclable dumpster

CDH-Kelli mentioned they'll need to clarify portable sink, toilet, etc. capacity and COVID safety plan

Risk Mgmt-Good

Parks-confirming construction conflict later today, still need to get course certified, future years need different finish line location, Parks cannot block off spots for event they need to come early and cone off


ACP-working on assigned services and needs, event planner has golf cart and four wheeler to transport medics if needed

BFD-prevention, requesting fire extinguisher at finish line,

BFD-access- mentioned pulse point and transport plan

BPD-recommending 7-9 motor officers and requires sergeant, will email manpower agreement, lead and tail to sweep course, mentioned starts in Boise County, transition to Ada County, will talk details offline

OEM-finalize TCP, need communication plan, spotty cell service on Bogus around mile 12-14

2.              2021 Music on the Water

Presenter: Cae Odell

CE/Mayor-Maria mentioned lack of sufficient parking in past that needs addressed, ADA parking-all spaces need to be wide enough to accommodate wheelchair access, COVID plan needs to address bounce houses, porta potty number is not sufficient, also address public health order for physical distancing and mask requirements.

ACHD-traffic control on White Water Blvd, market across river, Greek Food Festival across road,

Parking-alternate transportation is great, timed parking is monitored in neighborhood, enforcement takes place on Sat.

PW-clarified signage, recycle vs trash

Rep Svs-change dumpster size

CDH-missing Boise City event planning form, missing detailed safety plan with it, agree additional restrooms are needed, limited kids in bounce house, need food vendors list-they need to submit event applications-if not licensed-must leave

Risk Mgmt-good

Parks-reader boards to bring awareness to drop off zone, security stays at barricades, lot full signs go up only when lot is full, chalk walk on path instead of road has to be pressure wash and totally gone after event, no dunk tank allowed, bounce house only from preferred vendor list can work to get on list since they have own setup, beer and wine vendor-Heritage Hop Haus or Jumpin Janets-blow up bar-25 x 60-ok if fire approves, remind one vendor for all beer/wine 

Clerk-per p 21 of SE application, vendor list needs City E&D mobile license numbers

DBA-reiterate notification to neighbors

ACP-work with Rachel on emergency details

BFD-prevention-VIP/beer garden tent-25x60 inflatable bar-estimated occupancy-Cae will confirm capacity and consider safety precautions, Jesse will send packet for code requirements-signage, etc.-lots of small tents together need a fire break in between-tents need to be sufficiently weighed down, fencing in alcohol area-chain link w/2 exits, stage is DBA/City setup, new fire code for vendors

BFD-access-just need to see emergency plan

BPD-patrol team was hammered with calls re: parking in past years-will City dedicate any parking team members-Shane can discuss bringing additional staff  or motor officers will need to come down, social media and notification for parking is important, 12-15 private security each day on site all day, 2-3 overnight, using Cory Cook-Protector Svs of Idaho, must staff entrance/exits-police presence for alcohol, mellow bands-blue grass-country-alternative rock, site walk on Fri morning

OEM-safety and security meeting to review details, IAP, communication with attendees in emergency situation, no VIPs that would draw large crowd, recommended site walk Thu instead of Fri

III.              Special Event Pending Approvals

1.              2021 Motorcyle Awareness Rally

IV.              Calendar Review