May 26, 2021

9:30 AM

Virtual Meeting

I.              Call to Order


II.              Special Event


1.              2021 Boise Brewing Anniversary Party

Presenter:              Kate Sharp

Start Date:              06/19/2021              End Date:              06/19/2021

2.              2021 Boise Twilight Criterium

Presenter:              Karlee May & Mike Cooley

Start Date:              07/10/2021              End Date:              07/10/2021

3.              2021 YMCA Famous Idaho Potato Marathon

Presenter:              Allison Evaro

Start Date:              09/18/2021              End Date:              09/18/2021

III.              Special Event Pending Approvals


1.              2021 Boise Farmers Market + Drive Thru

Agency:              Parking, Parks, Police, Fire, Rep Svs, CDH, DBA, EMS

Start Date:              05/29/2021              End Date:              10/30/2021

2.              2021 Music on the Water

Agency:              Parking, Parks, Risk Mgmt, Police, Fire, PW, Rep Svs, CDH, DBA, EMS, OEM

Start Date:              06/4/2021              End Date:              06/5/2021

IV.              After Action Reports


A.              Bogus Marathon - due by 6/30/2021


V.              Calendar Review